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        World Travel Guide

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        Editorial Foreword

          The World Travel Guide (WTG) is the flagship digital consumer brand within the Columbus Travel Media portfolio. Available in English, German, and Spanish versions, the WTG provides detailed and accurate travel content designed to inspire global travellers. It covers all aspects, from cities to airports, cruise ports to ski and beach resorts, attractions to events, and it also includes offbeat travel news, stories, quizzes and guides for adventurous travellers.

        Travel Features

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        The 9 best dark tourism spots in Europe

        From warfare to natural disasters, Europe has many bloody periods. Here are nine places where tourists can get stark reminders of the bleak history

        A quick guide to Kochi Prefecture

        In this quick guide, we are exploring Kochi Prefecture, along with its cultural and natural wonders

        Discover the diversity of Kagawa Prefecture

        The pretty Kagawa Prefecture and its Shodoshima Island are well worth a trip, as we explore Kagawa's delicacies and cultural highlights

        13 of the best lost cities

        Determined archaeologists have helped to uncover ancient lost cities and put them on the map again, and here are our top picks

        Miyoshi, gateway to the unspoilt Iya Valley

        Mountains, rivers, authentic villages and generous hospitality, Miyoshi offers travellers a chance to pause and reconnect

        The 7 best cliché-free Valentine’s Day breaks

        Valentine's Day can be more than roses and a candlelit dinner, here are the top seven cliché-free options to celebrate this Valentine's Day

        Food and Drink

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        The world’s love affair with tea

        From its legendary origins in ancient China to its starring role in social rituals across the globe, tea is so much more than just another drink

        Around the world in 8 pancakes

        From crempog of Wales to injera of Ethiopia, we recommend these eight delicious pancakes from around the globe

        In search of the perfect restaurant experience

        Glorious vistas, sublime food, complete seclusion – whatever your idea of the perfect meal out, here’s how to find a restaurant to match

        Italian wine for major occasions

        Great wine can amp up your mood and enhance your experience, and this guide can help you choose fantastic Italian wine for major foodie and special occasions

        (Almost) everything you need to know about canned food

        Convenient, cheap and nutritious, canned food is enjoying a popularity boom, here is (almost) everything you need to know about the pantry staples

        Everything you need to know about Italian wine

        Italian wines are varied and popular, and this expert guide helps you understand Italian wines from 20 different regions and recommends the best ones to try

        City Guides

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        Bustling and energetic, Osaka is a thriving metropolis with a distinct commercial culture and with a regional identity that sets it apart from elsewhere in Japan.


        Paris rarely disappoints. Home to beautiful architecture, arresting art and the world’s finest restaurants, only the hard–hearted will leave the City of Light without falling in love.


        Sandwiched between the Red Sea and the mighty Negev desert, Eilat is a water sport and desert adventure paradise. The southernmost city of Israel has all the hallmarks of a fantastic sun and fun holiday.

        Country/ State/ Region Guides

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        A flavourful melting pot of sparkling nightspots, fresh seafood, sizzling Mediterranean passion and mythical legend, Greece is a fascinating and enchanting destination.


        The eyes of the world are on Qatar right now. Following the discovery of oil in the 1940s, this small Gulf state has been catapulted from a small fishing and trading hub to one of the richest (per capita) countries in the world.

        The Islands of Tahiti

        The Islands of Tahiti are known for their laid-back vibes. Expect romantic sunsets and giant curls of turquoise breaking over reefs. Remote and pristine, the islands give you a glimpse of paradise on Earth.


        Mongolia is far-flung and little visited yet has much to offer, from the stunning scenery and wildlife of mountains and deserts to the emerging luxury hotels and restaurants of capital Ulaanbaatar.


        Much like the varying conditions of classic cars, Havana appears to be in a constant state of restoration. A mishmash of beautifully restored colonial buildings rubs shoulders with dilapidated tenements of regular Cubans.

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